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 a revised poem of mine.

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a revised poem of mine. Empty
PostSubject: a revised poem of mine.   a revised poem of mine. I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 5:10 am

this is a revised poem I did about 15 years ago.

the original was more vulgar,naster and a bit longer. Also it had elements of Christian references as i was Christian at the time of writing this. I added pagan elements to it now.

When I Vommit

The momment before I vommit
is a time that I lament
As I watch a show a showproduced by Pamela Eels
I feel that which swims in my tummy are eels
Then I watch I'm not at ease
For then I start to smell of cheese

My guts then start to pulse and tear
and it's as thou no one could care
as my gums start to bleed
I couldn't believe I was about to feed

As I wish I had gas pains
or I have to make the golden rains.
Oh the smell of cheese cheese cheese
it's as thou I haven't excrited in 2 weeks

I then start to feel lumps in my throat
it feels mildly like it came from a moat
And I start to stare into space
In that state some comely lass would spray me with mace.

Then all of a sudden,I eat in reverse
So by now you must think this perverse
Oh that taste of urine and cheese
It's enough to make you queeze

But some of it doesn't all come out
it lingers there like a snot in a snout
So I do what's most detestly
And do what is commanded by Destiny

So the thing of my nightmares is my dream
I see peas,tomato sause and brocoli cream
And the child I gave labor to most fowl
of this eve I would name it Steve

And as I start to flush my child away
I think of that fable 'the Mouse and the Frog'
as i start the rose fragrance with a spray
So I am now calm as a log

I drink now the water from the bathroom sink
And it's as though it was of blessed Lethe in this room of pink
No longer upset of abandoning my son
I leave that self implied prison

Now if any of this pleases you to a joyful mist
Then thank the sweet Brigid
But if it offends you, then i am to blame
For my lack of skill has made this verse lame
If I had the power to make it better
I would,so i ask you not to be bitter
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Rudas Starblaze
Rudas Starblaze

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a revised poem of mine. Empty
PostSubject: Re: a revised poem of mine.   a revised poem of mine. I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 10:04 am

ROTFLMAO thats awesome!!

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a revised poem of mine.
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