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 Your name at Ubran Dictionary

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PostSubject: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:22 pm

Did this on FB but thought it might be a fun thing for here too. All you have to do is search for your first name at and post the results.
I'll do the first three that come up. (the ----- is where I took out my name)

1. An exotically splendid name for people of the female gender. The name is given to children who display unparalled beauty and intelligence. The name has also been known to be given to children that display Goddess-like qualities that surpass all mortal knowledge.

2. A friend who you can rely on to always be there and care. Sometimes said person can be a bit flakey but once reminded, get's back on track. She knows when she needs to be serious and as soon as that moment has gone, she lets out her "I wanna par-tay" side again.

3. a gorgeous girl who usually hides lots of secrets inside her. she sometimes has low-self esteem, but she'll always be there for you if you need her. She chooses her best friends over her boyfriends, and has a great sense of fashion. She usually falls for skater-scene rebel boys. She's very humorous, and she loves laughing. She wants to be everyone's friend. She loves alternative music, but will enjoy going to most concerts. ----- is usually a daredevil, and is willing to take on any dare. However, she's also very smart, and loves helping the world

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Quixotically Yours


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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:49 pm

a large-breasted, compassionate, articulate, intelligent and attractive woman who always puts those around her needs' before her own.

She thinks she best in people but is often disappointed and has a gift for creative activities.

A very confusing but extremely attractive and caring girl who loves you for who you are is always there for you. love to snuggle and tease you.

a girl that likes planting seeds of doubt in the minds of men (preferably married men) about the women that they're with.

person that is absolutely magnificent in every aspect a human being can be. Someone that is an excellent friend and a fantastic lover. Someone that is trustworthy and honest. Attractive and absolutely gorgeous. a person that is unselfish and understanding. Someone that may get lost in the darkness, but once in the light can make a person grin until their cheeks ache. is someone that has the ability to soothe and calm a person in distress. Someone that deserves everything she desires without second thoughts. She deserves the best of the best and nothing less.

Oh MY GODS! This fits me SO WELL it's SCARY! hey according to this i'm perfect *giggles* Good post Sitalique
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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:57 pm

I'm apparently pretty wonderful too. Two things though. I'm a Scorpio and I can't stand to listen to most rap music, let alone do it. And I prefer belly dancing although I daresay I can handle about any dance beat. Giggles

1. A strong name for a strong woman
A [deleted], especially one born under the star (sun) sign of Aries tends to be intelligent, witty, extremely open, honest & passionate and will do whatever it takes to uphold her morals. While these are extremely admirable traits, they also mean that they should never be crossed. Hope you are paying attention, you have been warned!!
On the flipside, if you do the right thing (and why wouldn’t you?) a [deleted] will go out of her way to make your life beautiful.
While fiercely independent, a [deleted] has both a strong sense of community and family and will do whatever it takes (regardless of personal cost) to defend and protect those that she cares about.
Do yourself a favour – find a [deleted]; stocks are limited and they are (rightly so) in high demand.
Need a friend?
Look no further than [deleted]

2. A [deleted] is known to have striking intelligent features. Tends to be the bravest In a group of people. Although clumsy at times, always recovers from a stumble Like a ballerina in flip flops.

3. [deleted] one who is sweet as sugar and twice as nice!

4. N.- The most amazing girl in the world.

5. The name [deleted] is derived from alexandra and it also means the queen. Also means kindness, love, peace, & helper of mankind. -

A young girl, usually with tanish skin, who dresses like a slut just to get guys attention. But shes sweet, caring, helpful, funny, nice, & has a great attitude. You will always see her with a beutifull smile on her face. Loves to sing rap music. (shee got a gangstaa status) Great at dancing grinding, & club dancing. Shess fucking hot ass helllll. So if you ever go out with a [deleted]; dont ever let go cus boy, your one lucky person ! Smile

6. A beautiful woman inside and out.intelligent,witty,loves to laugh.helpful,very loyal,devoted,Queen.hardworking,one of a kind.blessed.pretty rare eyes.nice body. mean at times, sexy, easily hurt.but strong woman.goes through tough times but never gives up.always looks passed ur bullshit and sees the good in you.accepts you for who you are.always hated on.will rarely turn their backs on you.

Of them all, I think number 6 covers both my good and bad points pretty well.
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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:36 pm

A man trying to deny having a massive boner by diverting the conversation to global warming.
Dante: Whoa! That guy has something trying to get out of his pants.
Harold: Who?
Dante: That guy. He has a... Global Warming?
Harold: Pfft. What a ******
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Rudas Starblaze

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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:52 pm

apparently theres 3 pages of crap comments. but ill pick the realistic ones.


1. The Don, The G, The Life Of The Party. The Guy All The Girls Want.

2. Genius!

3. a guy that is inexplicably gorgeous and utterly amazing.

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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:53 pm

Uh...yeah. If you say so...
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Title : Cat herder
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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:02 pm


1. A name for girls which means "Pure". Nicknames include Kathy or Kat and can also be spelled Cathleen

2. A woman who has been through it and come out on top. A woman who does so much for others that she forgets to do for herself at times. The woman I wake up next to and the woman who makes sure that my every need is met. Kathleen the mother of my children, the light of my life, the only woman who has my heart.

3. She is (acts like) a blonde, tall (5'5" is tall?), long-legged and not so itty bitty. She is beautiful. She is a great friend, and is admired by guys though she doesn't believe it. She laughs like crazy. She is sometimes happy but when she's not its easy to tell. She doesn't want people to worry about her, she keeps to herself. She has a few close friends, and she is a very day-dreamy person. Kathleen is a semi-realistic, she lives in and out of her own dream world. All of her friends love her to death, and she loves them back. Kathleen is someone you want to have and if you have her you would be smart not to let her go.

Yeah um whatever....
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PostSubject: Re: Your name at Ubran Dictionary   

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Your name at Ubran Dictionary
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